Knowing More About Termite

Commonly referred to as the “Silent Destroyers” of homes, the termite has made a name for itself as one of the most destructive forces out there.  Comprising a number of subspecies, termites can thrive secretly in your home and yard.  When they make it to your home, the damage begins.  Because they are made to destroy dead wood, almost every home is at risk.  To help save your homes and belongings, below are a few things that are reviewed during a termite inspection.  With any luck, you can use this quick guide to establish whether or not you have termites.

Begin with a Quick Inspection

Going around the inside of your house, look at places where wood is either in contact with the exterior wall or exposed to the elements.  Knock on the wood, and keep an ear out for a hollow sound.  A hollow sound will mean that termites have eaten away at the interior of the wood.

Move on the Exterior of your Home

Termites rarely crawl around in the open.  As a result they can be difficult to spot unless you know where to look.  Look around the joints of your home with a keen eye towards mortar and any exposed wood.  Perform the knocking test, and see if any of the wood sounds hollow.  In addition, be sure to check any place where wood touches the ground, as this is often a point of entry for termites.

 Extensive Interior Inspection

Make a note of every place that raises suspicions on the exterior of the house.  Now, move into the interior and start a thorough pest control examination.  Find the interior wall area that matches the exterior problem spot, and carefully look for warped wood, termite parts, or anything else that may indicate an infestation.

 Attics and Crawl Spaces

As a final few places to look, the attic and crawl space may be the perfect place to find termites hiding.  With both spaces being exposed the wood holding the house up, they are both excellent places to see whether or not your home is infested with termites.

Where as a self-inspection never hurts, calling a professional is the best way to be absolutely sure.  A professional termite inspection will rule out any doubt you have regarding whether or not you have termites.  In addition, a professional termite inspector will list your pest control options incase you do need to get rid of an infestation.  Either way, with a professional, you will have peace of mind.


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