Elimination of termites

The use of chemicals and various other treatments have been discussed previously on this website. It is important that the pest controller remains up to date with the latest tools and treatments available, as well as the legislation controlling them.

Many home owners have unrealistic expectations that a one-off treatment will kill all the termites in a matter of days and the colony will disappear. Sometimes this is true, but the complete and successful elimination of termites depends on several things. Just to take a few examples:

  • Colony size can vary from a few thousand to over a million insects.
  • Some species have colonies with more than one nest.
  • Different species are affected by chemicals in different ways.
  • Baits are not effective on some species.
  • Soil and weather conditions affect treatments and termite activity.

It is important that the home or business owner’s expectations are set correctly at the start of the project and managed carefully throughout. Some colonies take weeks to destroy. If the owner is made aware of this before the work starts, a good customer relationship can be maintained if it takes longer than expected to complete. We like to impress upon the home owner the need for regular post-treatment inspections to be sure the problem has been completely resolved.

We are always are thorough in your initial and subsequent inspections and cautious in our quotes.


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