Controlling Rodents Around Your Stock Feed!

How do you get rat’s out of my grains warehouse?

Yes rat’s in heaven, it is hard to put out rat bait’s when they already have a large food source, But there is a way to get rid of these little grain eaters, the situation is that they have a large food source, now rat’s need water (around 60ml a day) were mice, on the other hand, can get their water fill though there food.

So you can buy a liquid chemical for them to drink, now they may not take to it straight away because they are neurophobic (they don’t like new thing’s) but they will over time and they may take it right away.

If you have water around you need to try and cover it up or take it away, this will fasten up the process, and for the future you need to rodent proof the shed (cover all access into the shed every little hole) and set up bait boxes with bait outside of each entry point, have them there and baited up so well they first come to the shed this is the first point of call.

I need to add with the liquid bait, it to will need to be put into a bait box you can get these from any rural store or online, it will have a little try in it for the liquid bait.

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