Pre-Construction Termite Barrier

Pre-Construction Termite Barriers!

Do I need Termite Protection On My New Home Or Reno?


The short answer to this question is yes.

Your new  house, extension/renovation will need to be signed off by a building inspector, and they will ask for a certified termite protection certificate, and if the builder has not had this done than the inspector will not sign off on the build until it has been done, and for good reason.

Protecting your house from termites with a termite barrier from the start may seem expensive, from $2000-$3500 depending on the structure, size, and damages to the install, but termites can cost you a shit ton more than the install cost.

There are many different forms of termite protection, and this can become confusing for a home owner, but what we are talking about here is a phyical termite barrieer, what this means is that, when termites want to enter a home it will normally be were you can not see them, witch in this case would be from under the ground and into your wall cavity.

A physical termite barrier exposes the termite leading into your house, so this dosnt mean that it will stop termites from entering your home, but it done stop them from entering your home undetected.

This is why there is the need for yearly or half yearly termite inspections, because once the termite lead (were termites enter) is exposed than a pest technician can treat the area and remove them from the property.

For more information on termite inspections and other barriers click here



Pre-Construction Termite Barriers!

How much is the termite protection going to cost?

We install  termite barriers  from $12.60pm - $21pm, it really depends on the structure of the house, how careful the ower/builder is when working with the product once it is down, and well, has the frame been stood before the termite barrier goes in (we can still help) but if it is the cheapest price you are looking for, you may need to look elsewhere.

Here at The Eliminator pest control, we pride our self on a reliable professional service in a timely matter, communication with owners/builders is our strong point, and in most cases it dose work out the cheapest price in the end.



If you are ever stuck or are not sure if you need termite protection for your renovation or new home, we can provide free information on any pre or post termite barriers.


What we need to Quote on a barrier:



All termite pre-construction barriers are the same?

No, physical termite barriers (protection) have come a long way since the ant cap on a timber stumps, prior to 1993 there were 3 Australian Standards, witch were replaced with 1.

For more information on all standards click here.

But a major change in the termite physical barriers come in 2002, when concrete slabs were compliant as a termite barrier.

And now in the 20th century we have an abundance of options, with plastic sheets with chemical embedded, to glass mesh and many more.

But there is nothing out there on the market like GREENZONE.



There are three products in the GREENZONE® range:
• GREENZONE® Termite & Insect Repellent Barrier,
• GREENZONE® Sock Termite Barrier, and
• GREENZONE® Termite Management Film.
These products are suitable for use across Australia, and is an Australian owned product that will save you time and money.

Backed by a 50 year $2 million warranty, you can have full confidence in the quality of the product.

To find out more about about these products Here.






Backed By a 50 Year $2 Million Warranty



These products are suitable for use across Australia, and is an Australian owned product that will save you time and money.

To find out more about about these products Here.





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