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Commercial Pest Control Service

"FREE 1st Service"

Why Would We Do That!

Well we are so confidant in our methodology and the new cutting edge product technology for commercial kitchens, that we want you to try us risk free.


  • Specialist Food Service Methodology

    When it come to protecting your Kitchen you don’t just want ordinary average pest control.

    Servicing commercial food service businesses is a hole different pest control expertise, and  if done right can cost you not only $ but also your reputation

  • Cutting Edge Duo Technology

    There are many different products out there today that pest control companies will use when it comes to doing a job.

    But commercial kitchens are not just another pest control job, there is always new initiative products coming onto the market when it comes to preventing and managing pest in a commercial Kitchens.

  • Integrative Pest Management (IPM)

    Working closely with business owners to archive the most effective methods when it comes to managing pest in and around your Business.

    We like to take the prevention/manage method over the control method, and we can do that by working closely with you and providing information that can save you on your treatments.




  • No Payment For The First Service
  • Free Recommendations
  • No Contracts
  • Free Service
  • Our Mission Statement For Food Service Businesses

    We are a companies that prides our self on specializing in the food service sector of pest control, always taking the prevention base approach, in return reducing frequency of services with enhanced and improved NEW technology and cutting edge methodology, transforming your business into a forcefield from pests.

    Taking the most effective approach to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) by working closely with the business owner and staff and using prevention methods to reduce the likelihood of attracting the pest into the business from the start, saving money for the business owner.

    Advance reporting and record keeping, to keep businesses informed of any environment pest activity that may need to be addressed.

    Offering a free return period providing a pest free Business.


Your First Service Is On Us!

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